BTS’s J-Hope Confessed How He Really Feels Whenever He Sees The Maknae Line Cry — And It’s Too Much For Your Heart To Handle

J-Hope’s honest confession is too much for your heart to handle.

Naturally, it’s such an emotional moment for ARMYs whenever they see BTS members cry.

But have you ever thought about how the other members also feel whenever their co-members, especially the maknae line consisting of V


…and Jungkook shed tears during emotionally-charged moments with their fans?

While ARMYs may already have an idea of what the other members may feel like during intense moments of crying and shedding of tears…

J-Hope, one of the group’s emotionally sensitive members, also gave his honest opinion on the topic.

While J-Hope may look bright and positive all the time, realistically, this is not possible, of course.

He can show his strict and “scary” side whenever he’s teaching the members about dance.

He may even want to “discipline” them as their hyung, too.

And of course, J-Hope also cries when he’s in the mood to do so…

…that’s why it only makes sense for him to be emotionally sensitive whenever the youngest members of the group shed their tears, too.

For example, during one of their performances, when Jungkook cried onstage, his hyungs still wanted to stay by his side even though he mentioned that he already felt better.

Jimin thought Jungkook was throwing up at first.

And V especially felt touched when Jungkook stood up and walked around to interact with their fans.

But as for J-Hope? He asked himself this question:

How come I get so sad whenever I see Jungkook cry?

— J-Hope

In response to this slightly serious moment, Jimin jokingly asked J-Hope:

I thought I’m the one who makes you cry!

— Jimin to J-Hope

Of course, J-Hope responded that this is also true. Finally, as he didn’t also want to be left out, V also got J-Hope’s attention and asked him:

Hyung, how about me?

— V to J-Hope

And J-Hope’s answer is too much for ARMYs’ hearts to handle:

When you cry, I’m almost… My entire body will be dried up from crying so much!

— J-Hope to V

It’s always heartwarming to see that BTS members truly care for one another.