BTS’s J-Hope Attempted To Make Drip Coffee… And It Didn’t Turn Out “Too Well”

Suga’s “advice” led to a hilarious moment!

In a recent live broadcast, BTS‘s J-Hope attempted to make some drip coffee, and it hilariously didn’t turn out the way he expected!

BTS’s J-Hope

When J-Hope was making his drip coffee, he poured some water into a cup, but he didn’t realize that the cup had holes on the bottom! Suga and J-Hope both couldn’t help but laugh when they saw this.

It turns out that Suga had told J-Hope that this cup was a normal one, and J-Hope believed him.

J-Hope continued making his drip coffee after this hilarious moment, and after making it, he gave it a taste. J-Hope laughed after tasting it and said that it tasted “healthy.”

Suga then tasted the drip coffee, and he gave an honest “review.”

BTS’s Suga

Suga said that the drip coffee tasted as if the coffee beans “were dipped in water.” J-Hope couldn’t help but laugh while listening to Suga’s words!

BTS sure do have funny moments when they make food or drinks!

Source: Naver Live