BTS’s J-Hope Explains How The Group Decides And Distributes Parts For Their Tracks

Teamwork makes the dream work.

BTS is known to be more like a family rather than just members of a group. Although it has been seven years since they debuted as K-Pop idols, they still continue to live together regardless of the recognition and fame they have earned throughout the years. This just proves just how close and how well they communicate with one another.

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Although some fans feel that part distribution for tracks may seem a bit unfair at times, BTS emphasizes the fact that they all work together to find the perfect match for each part in their songs.

In a past interview, we can see J-Hope answering questions people may have regarding part distribution.

You have to distribute parts equally and there are both rappers and singers so I think there might be times where you disagree with some things. Could you explain for us, J-Hope?

J-Hope emphasized the fact that they always find the person that works best for a certain part. “In regards to part distribution, I think we always choose the person that fits that specific part because it’s important to have the final product come out well.”

When they choose the right person for the part, that person does their best to create a good outcome. “If we think that the person responsible for a certain part has the right voice for it, then that person will put in all their efforts to bring the best for that part.”

He also reveals that they are more about finding the right person for the part than greed towards more lines in a song. “Honestly, our members don’t really have any big greed towards certain parts, so part distribution just comes naturally to the right members.”

The members are all for finding the rightful owner to a certain part. “There’s always going to be someone that is the best fit for a certain part and another member for a different part, so our parts just come naturally to us.”

When asked if V agreed to J-Hope’s explanation, he agreed wholeheartedly.

BTS proves that it doesn’t matter how many lines or parts they have in a track. What matters is their teamwork and drive that allows them to continue what they are doing what they love the most! It is the determination and support of one another that has brought them this far and even hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! We’re excited to see what other achievements they will reach next.