BTS’s J-Hope Had The Funniest Reaction To Jungkook Suddenly Rapping A Classic Hip Hop Song

J-Hope didn’t expect the maknae to rap Dynamic Duo!

In episode 154 of BTS’s variety show Run BTS!, the members went to a house to reminisce on the past six years of episodes.

First, they were fed a nice meal by Mad for Garlic, a restaurant chain based in South Korea. They enjoyed the various dishes provided.

 BTS eating. | BTS/VLIVE

Now in a new behind-the-scenes clip released, their meal was also accompanied by some music. Suddenly, while eating, Jungkook broke out into rap to Korean hip hop duo Dynamic Duo‘s 2005 song “Go Back,” featuring Choi Jung In.

J-Hope and Jungkook eating. | Weverse 

J-Hope‘s reaction to Jungkook’s impromptu rapping was entertaining in itself as he was so stunned that he even stopped eating mid-bite. Why? Perhaps, he didn’t expect the maknae to know the classic song or was not prepared for the comeback of rapper Jungkook!

| Weverse

You can watch the hilarious clip below:

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Source: Weverse