Here Are 10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 154 That You Need To See

#11 is so funny and relatable!

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It was recently announced that BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! will be taking a break but not before at least two more episodes…

In episode 154 of Run BTS!, the members enjoyed a nice meal from Mad for Garlic, a chain restaurant based in South Korea, before reminiscing about six years of the series.

Here are 10+ moments from Run BTS! episode 154 in no particular order that you need to see…

1. When you realize BTS sees everything we post

2. V is the biggest Run BTS! fan

3. Reunited roomies Jin and Suga

4. Happy Jungkook

5. Suga’s laugh

6. TaeJin’s reaction to their kiss

7. It’s going to get emotional

8. Suga’s reaction to his intro

He would fit in on TikTok (if you know you know).

9. Not this debate again

10. When RM pranked the members…

Jungkook was not having it.

V was shook.

11. Jimin being relatable AF

12. We can’t wait to see more of these iconic games

13. We’re emo

14. J-Hope’s reaction to this hilarious edit of himself

15. This shocking reveal

16. This sweet gesture

17. Jimin and J-Hope’s friendship is so wholesome

18. The “Butter” sequel: “Garlic”

Source: BTS


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