BTS “Tease” Potential Sequel To Their Song “Butter” During “Run BTS!”

We’d listen to it!

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Weverse announced yesterday that BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! will soon take a break after six years but not before at least two more episodes are released.

In episode 154, the members went to a house to reminisce on the past six years of episodes. First, they were fed a nice meal by Mad for Garlic, a restaurant chain based in South Korea.

BTS entering house in episode 154 of “Run BTS!” | BTS/VLIVE

RM revealed that it was actually a dream to eat there when he was younger as there was a location for one right across from his high school!

BTS checking out the menu. | BTS/VLIVE

It was a unique and high-class breakfast to begin the day with lots of choices to choose from. Of course, many items contained the star ingredient garlic.

The Mad for Garlic feast. | BTS/VLIVE

They also prepared some foods without garlic (although it seems unheard of for Italian food) for Jin. He revealed in 2019 that he has a mild allergy to garlic. Despite being the foodie of the group and the go-to chef, he has even been cooking a lot less often due to food allergies.

Jin and RM talking about the lack-of-garlic. | BTS/VLIVE

With all of the options, BTS enjoyed a great feast before starting the main activities for the episode. Clearly, they enjoyed the food provided by the restaurant chef.

BTS eating. | BTS/VLIVE

Feeling inspired by the dishes, J-Hope suggested a potential sequel for their chart-topping song of the summer, “Butter.”

J-Hope: Garlic is really good for you. We should release a song about garlic! Since we released “Butter.”

Jungkook: For sure.

From left: Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin. | BTS/VLIVE

It would be none other than “Garlic!” He even started songwriting on the spot, and the members approved of his ideas.

Should we name it ‘Garlic?’ ‘Smash like garlic!’

— J-Hope


So, rather than “smooth like butter,” the sequel’s line would be “smash like garlic.” It sounds like a hit already!

J-Hope also recommended that like he ate butter at the end of the “Butter” MV, Jimin should be the one to take up the mantle and eat a whole thing of garlic at the end of the MV for “Garlic.”

Jungkook approves of Jimin and J-Hope’s “Garlic.” | BTS/VLIVE

Wow, Producer J-Hope, let’s go!

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