J-Hope Exposed The Real Reason Why Jin Wore This Outfit To “Music Bank”

He spilled the beans on Jin’s fashion choices.

BTS‘s J-Hope has revealed the real reason behind one of Jin‘s most legendary fashion choices.


After a three week break, BTS‘s Run BTS! returned with a brand new episode. Episode 69 was filmed in Canada during BTS’s Love Yourself world tour.


Throughout the episode, BTS competed to earn points through games and challenges to avoid a penalty. The staff’s three penalties were: wearing Jimin’s penalty shirt to the airport, taking a swim in the lake by their pension, and buying the entire staff lunch.


Jin volunteered to wear Jimin’s penalty shirt, for a very practical reason…


…he was running out of clothes to wear!


Flashback to last summer, when Jin wore this spectacular white outfit to BTS’s Music Bank rehearsal.


At the time, fans thought that Jin might have worn it as a penalty, but Big Hit Entertainment stated that he had chosen it simply because he felt like it.

Jin’s outfit today was a surprise event for his fans. He thought of it himself and showed up as he wanted. Jin’s outfit is from BTS’s concept photos from comeback album “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer”. He decided to wear it all on his own.

— Big Hit Entertainment


According to J-Hope, this wasn’t the whole truth. He said Jin wore that outfit for the same reason he wanted to wear Jimin’s penalty shirt; he was out of clothes!


J-Hope then promised to buy clothes for Jin as a birthday present.


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