BTS’s J-Hope Labels Himself A “TikTok Newbie,” And Jimin Is Quick To React

The two turn Weverse into their own chatroom again 😂

BTS‘s J-Hope recently released his special new track, “On The Street,” with his musical idol, American rapper and producer J. Cole.

J. Cole (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | @uarmyhope/Instagram

The release of the new song was announced after BIGHIT MUSIC confirmed J-Hope was the next BTS member to formally submit his request to terminate his military enlistment postponement.

Just a day before the official release, J-Hope revealed that J. Cole would be the surprise feature on the song, raising anticipation even more.

Since the song came out, J-Hope has been actively promoting it on his and BTS’s social media pages, including their TikTok account.

After uploading his own dance challenge version of “On The Street,” J-Hope surprised fans by filming two more “On The Street” dance challenges, one with Jimin, and one with Suga.

(From left to right) BTS’s Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope

J-Hope later took to Weverse to comment on his TikTok skills. While fans loved the videos, J-Hope hilariously proclaimed himself a “TikTok Newbie” and pointed out two reasons why he gave himself the title.

Introducing Jimin without Jimin
Introducing a pile of garbage just because…

That’s all from your TikTok newbie.

— J-Hope

In his solo dance challenge video, J-Hope dances down the same New York alleyway he did in the “On The Street” music video.

At the beginning of the video, he motioned to the side, which made it seem like he was introducing a pile of trash.

In the video with Jimin, the two dance across a rooftop. After nailing their dance challenge, J-Hope again motions, this time to present Jimin, but he hadn’t seen Jimin spin out of frame.

Jimin quickly commented, laughing at the post while J-Hope told him to go practice Kartrider, a multi-platform racing game.

The two besties have been challenging each other to video games quite a bit lately and often turn Weverse into their own personal chatroom to plan their next match.

Check out more about their gaming in the article below!

BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Just Turned Weverse Into Their Own Personal Group Chat


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