BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Just Turned Weverse Into Their Own Personal Group Chat

It’s just them…and millions of ARMYs!

BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope are basically inseparable! As roommates for many years in BTS’s dorm, the two have the strongest friendship.

Nickname the “captain” of the maknae line, the younger members can’t stop following J-Hope around.

Even when the duo is separated, you can count on them using every excuse to talk to each other — like the time they had a conversation under Jin‘s post from the military!

Instead of just using their own group chat, the members would rather meet in their own funny ways, like during Jungkook’s livestream or simply commenting on each other’s Weverse posts.

Most recently, J-Hope and Jimin made Weverse their new group chat by discussing their late night plans right in front of ARMY.

J-Hope: “Lol [In response to Jimin’s Weverse post]”

Jimin: “What are you doing awake?”

J-Hope: “What are you doing?”

Bored and wide awake, J-Hope was on his way to play one of his favorite video games when Jimin wanted to join!

J-Hope: “Looks like I’ll play a round of Star Craft Sand Castle Wars”

Jimin: “LOL I don’t even feel sleepy, should we play a round of building a sand castle?”

J-Hope: “Come on, let’s go”

As fans of the popular game, it’s the perfect activity to do at night!

Unfortunately, ARMYs could only watch their plans being made and were unable to join in on the fun!

Jimin: “Okk I’m calling”

J-Hope: “Okie”

For whatever reason, the members seem to prefer Weverse over their own group chat!

As long as they’re playing games and having fun, ARMYs are happy!

Check out more about their love for video games below.

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