Sports Fan And Video Gamer BTS’s J-Hope Explains The Unexpected Reason Why He Loves Playing “FIFA”

This is the type of person he really is!

As one of BTS‘s biggest sports fanatics and athletes, it’s no wonder J-Hope had soccer on his list of interests even before the excitement of the World Cup.

J-Hope attends a soccer game. 

However, South Korea’s involvement in the 2022 World Cup got him even more into the sport! Posting his celebrations for their wins and thanking the players for their hard work, he never missed a game.

J-Hope celebrates South Korea’s win. 

Most recently, though he found it hard to come up with a hobby due to his busy schedule, he shared just how much he’s gotten into soccer — but instead of actually playing it, he’s playing it as a video game!

You know, the World Cup just finished and while watching it, I felt like ‘It’s really exciting!’

— J-Hope

As I play the video game, I felt like I fell into soccer, like I became a fan.

— J-Hope

While watching plays of the game, he found it all super cool.

However, many observant ARMY already knew this from his Instagram post where he shared a picture of himself playing the video game “EA SPORTS FIFA 23” as South Korea’s captain Son Heung Min.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope explained how playing the game allows him to truly rest his busy mind and forces him to just focus on having fun.

Even when I play the game, I feel like I’m emptying my head. I’m the person who has a lot of thoughts, but when I played the game, I’m so into it, I feel comfortable, and I don’t think about anything.

— J-Hope

This portable hobby is the perfect break for his busy mind, which is why he sometimes games while traveling and even in hotel rooms.

ARMY can never forget the excitement he felt when he won a Nintendo Switch from staff!

However, he’s not alone — The BTS members enjoy playing games together.

Plus, like many things he tries, he has a knack for it!

Hobi hyung is very good at [gaming]!

— Jimin/Tokopedia Special Ramadan Interview

Check out what else he revealed below!

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