The Strength Behind The Smile — Here Are Three Life Lessons From BTS’s J-Hope That Will Change Your Life

Everyone needs to hear #3!

J-Hope, known as the “pillar” of BTS for his strong and stable mentality, has a mature and thoughtful outlook on life that many people can learn from. He’s humble, hardworking, and thinks deeply about everything he does. In a recent interview with Disney+, he revealed some of his ideals that show why he is so successful today. Check out the three life lessons we can all learn from him below!

1. Your effort never betrays you.

J-Hope chose “your effort never betrays you” as his favorite sentence.

Putting effort into everything he does takes a lot of work, but it has always benefitted him in some way.

I actually do a lot of effort. No matter what, like no matter if I’m working or practicing or meeting people…Even in this moment… I think all my efforts that I tried to make have never betrayed me.

— J-Hope

The perfect example of this is the amount of effort he put into perfecting his performance for Lollapalooza by practicing for hours every day.

2. These are the three components of happiness.

J-Hope’s first choice is health.

First of all, health! It’s the most important to everyone. We all have to be healthy. And as I’m being healthy, I can play or perform my music to you, and other things that are related to my work.

— J-Hope

Next, he chose love.

Whether you love someone or are loved by someone, I think ‘love’ is a big part of maintaining happiness.

— J-Hope

Love also allows us to enjoy many different things.

Without love, I think, we cannot enjoy the beauty of this world or smile. All those feelings that we share come from the small parts of love.

— J-Hope

Lastly, he chose work as a necessary part of his happiness.

The last component is ‘work.’ This may be controversial, since we are always thinking ‘I want to quit, please, no more work, when can I get out of this, etc.’ But I think I can fully enjoy my break since I work hard, I can feel the beauty of my break.

— J-Hope

J-Hope reveals that work gives him many positive things: It allows him to enjoy resting, gives him a sense of accomplishment, motivates him, and allows him to enjoy other things afterwards.

3. Be thankful every moment.

J-Hope’s motto is about living with gratitude.

Next, my motto. This is what I always talk about. ‘Be thankful every moment.’ This is my motto. I sometimes think like, ‘What did I contribute to the world in a previous life so that I could meet all these people, choose this job, get such excessive love and become a person who gets attention in the world? This is still amazing!’

— J-Hope

He believes that this is something he couldn’t accomplish in another life even if he was born again, so he never takes any moments for granted. Because of this, being grateful has made him a very happy person.

Even when things are not going his way, he always looks at the positive side and reminds himself how grateful he is to live this life.

Now matter how I struggle or suffer, I try to think, ‘How could I get such a huge love, this is a grateful moment, I got lucky,’ and so on. I try not to deny it.

— J-Hope

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