BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Enter The Chat Of Jungkook’s Boxing Livestream…And Their Reactions Are Complete Opposites

Which team are you on? 🤣

BTS‘s Jungkook recently greeted ARMYs with yet another fun livestream. This time, he let us in on a live training session with his boxing coach.

He showed exactly what he does in his one-on-one boxing sessions, including the specific exercises he does.

Of course, he also made sure to show off his gorgeous new haircut!

However, when he noticed two of his BTS hyungs had entered the chat, he was full of excitement.

Jimin and J-Hope appeared in the comment section, greeting Jungkook through the livestream.

Jimin: “Jay Kay!”

J-Hope: “HI JK🐰💝”

Jimin: “Teacher ~~”

The members were full of encouraging words for the young one, revealing how much they miss him and how cool he is.

Jimin: “I miss you”

J-Hope: “JK’s hair got cuter”

However, Jimin and J-Hope had completely opposite reactions to Jungkook’s training!

J-Hope wants to try the sport out for himself!

Can I box too?

— J-Hope

As an athlete and a quick learner, J-Hope would definitely have a knack for boxing.

Meanwhile, Jimin’s hilarious reaction is probably what many ARMYs were thinking!

Okay, good. Keep growing like that and protect your hyung.

— Jimin

As Jungkook trains and gets stronger, he can protect anyone — including Jimin!

Jimin is a mood for ARMYs. Who wouldn’t want Jungkook to protect them?!