BTS’s Maknae Line Captain — Here’s Why Jungkook, V, And Jimin Follow J-Hope Around

This is why they’re always chaotic!

BTS‘s J-Hope is known as the captain of the maknae line.

Despite being one of the older members, he’s always going along with Jimin, V, and Jungkook‘s hilarious antics!

The young ones always follow him around. Because of this, he’s become known as their leader…

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…or in his own words, their king!

ARMY: “You’re like the captain of the maknae line”

J-Hope: “That’s right… a king! ..”

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During his recent appearance on YouTube show MMTG, J-Hope explained exactly why the maknae line is so infatuated with him.

Host JaeJae referenced one of J-Hope’s hilarious meme videos from back in 2015 when he did a “handstand.”

This was no ordinary handstand — As a matter of fact, he was standing on his feet. The only thing that changed was that he put his shirt on his lower body and his pants over his head! To really sell the illusion, he places his shoes on his feet.

J-Hope shared that the playful younger members show great reactions to his jokes, which is why he does them.

Because the younger members are really playful, they show reactions, that’s why I do it.

— J-Hope

Full of energy, they never stop joking around. Because of this, J-Hope fits in flawlessly!

When the youngest ones start a joke, J-Hope always capitalizes on it.

He plays around with the young members not only because they have good reactions to each other’s jokes, but also because he genuinely has a lot of fun with them!

I actually have fun as well when I’m with them!

— J-Hope

When Hobi hyung is around, the maknaes will always have fun!

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