BTS’s J-Hope Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Issue He Faced When Texting Lizzo

Just celebrity friendship things!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on episode of YouTube show MMTG and shared everything about his life as a Sandokki — a Korean slang term that refers to a person who works hard with persistence.

As ARMYs already know, J-Hope is the living embodiment of a Sandokki. From his grueling daily schedule to his immense plans for the future, he truly never stops working!

However, he also talked about some fun things, too! One of the questions was about his celebrity friendship with Lizzo. While attending a Harry Styles concert with Jimin, V, and Jungkook, the group met the American singer and was able to exchange information.

Host JaeJae asked a funny question about global friendships that many people might never think about until the situation arrises!

When you exchanged numbers, did you press the country code, too?

— JaeJae

J-Hope shared a behind-the-scenes story that actually relates to some of the struggles those with international friendships may face.

Yeah, when we were exchanging numbers, the call wouldn’t go through!

— J-Hope

However, after the manager stepped in and solved the problem, everything was smooth sailing.

Texting back and forth occasionally, J-Hope shared their latest interaction.

I actually got a text from her recently saying ‘Happy Holidays!’

— J-Hope

However, due to J-Hope’s busy schedule and the time difference, it took him a while to get to it.

But I read the text about 2 days after it was sent to me, so I apologized for replying so late.

— J-Hope

It’s all a part of having global friendships!

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