BTS J-Hope’s Grueling Daily Schedule While Making His Album Proves His Insane Work Ethic

Could you survive this routine?

BTS‘s J-Hope just shared exactly how much work went into planning his solo album, Jack in the Box, and preparing for his headlining stage at Lollapalooza.

A full day in his life during the summer of 2022 went something like this: First, J-Hope starts his day when he wakes up at noon.

For the first half hour of the day, he drinks his coffee and makes his bed.

Next, from 12:30 to 3, he starts his personal care.

Starting with skincare to stretching, I do a lot of aesthetic personal care.

— J-Hope

At the time, he begins making his way to the company to work.

From 3 to midnight, he works!

Various meetings, practice, I work on anything that needs work done.

— J-Hope

At midnight, he comes home — for “worry time!” Because he wants to make sure everything is perfect, he can’t help but worry about the results of his efforts.

J-Hope revealed that because it was his first time going solo, there was a lot to coordinate. He gave a lot of feedback until going to bed, organizing anything that had to be done.

By 5 A.M., it was time to go to bed! J-Hope humbly believes he does “nothing special,” but anyone can see he’s working from 3 P.M. to 5 A.M.!

Check out his full schedule below.

J-Hope’s dedication and work ethic show that he’s earned all of his success the hard way!

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