The Double Meaning Of BTS’s “Mic Drop” Lyrics Is Leaving ARMYs Shook

Did they predict the future? 🤯

One of the many reasons BTS‘s songs always hit home for ARMY is due to their thoughtful lyrics. From the deep and emotional words of “Spring Day…”

…to the clever double meanings from rap line in various “Cypher” songs, BTS’s lyrics are always full of surprises!

Most recently, an iconic lyric in “Mic Drop” has been given a whole new meaning.

During J-Hope‘s appearance on YouTube show MMTG, host JaeJae referenced one of the most notable lyrics in the song’s prechorus.

Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag?

— Mic Drop

However, JaeJae proposed that word “bag” isn’t reference to real bag full of trophies, as fans had initially thought.

Instead, she wondered if it was an acronym for some of BTS’s most notable accomplishments, nominations and/or performances: Billboard Music Awards, AMAs, and Grammys!

J-Hope laughed as he shared one problem with her theory.

But we regrettably don’t have a Grammy! *Laughing*

— J-Hope

Despite not having won a Grammy, the nominations and performance at the award show are already more than what most artists can achieve in their career. However, this doesn’t negate the possibility of the “Mic Drop” lyric predicting the future!

JaeJae: “But is that what you intended?”
J-Hope: “I’d like to leave this open-ended.”
JaeJae: “Passion! Passion!”

Like J-Hope said, this interpretation is left of to fans to decide!

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