BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Full Story Behind His “Exposed Underwear” Airport Fashion

Here’s the reason for it!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on YouTube show MMTG with host JaeJae to discuss everything from his daily life to his future plans.

BTS’s J-Hope and MMTG host JaeJae | @mmtg_oops/Instagram

One of the topics they touched upon was funny past things he’s done. JaeJae had to ask him about his unique airport fashion featuring his exposed boxers!

The outfit in question was one J-Hope wore at the airport on his way to the 2022 MAMA Awards in Japan. He showed off the cool look on his Instagram…

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

…but when he stepped out at the airport, it seems his pants had gotten even lower!

Always up to date with his style, J-Hope’s look was actually seen on the DIOR runway.

DIOR model wears the same pants and boxers as J-Hope | Fall 2022

When he saw his photos from that day, he couldn’t help but laugh in embarrassment!

JaeJae shared that ARMYs were wondering if J-Hope forgot to adjust his clothes after he got out of the car.

J-Hope revealed that he didn’t realize exactly how much of his boxers had been exposed.

When I got out, it had gone down a lot! Honestly, I should’ve made sure to see it before getting out.

— J-Hope

He had another reason it fell so low: While waving to the cameras, it definitely could have slipped!

I think it also goes down further when I raise my hands up.

— J-Hope

JaeJae wanted to know if J-Hope felt any regrets about this bold fashion look.

Knowing his look got mixed reactions, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit of regret!

Yes, this one was split between likes and dislikes so I was also a bit embarrassed.

— J-Hope

Another time J-Hope had to clarify his risqué airport fashion was when he returned from the US after shooting the music video for “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring Becky G.

With an open denim jacket and nothing underneath, his sexy outfit made waves online!

Similarly, he had another reason of why this had happened.

Of course it’s the outfit, but it was because of the bag. The bag took the shirt down and it was exposed more than I thought.

— J-Hope

He was also a little embarrassed this time, as well!

As long as he’s comfortable, J-Hope can rock any outfit he wants!

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