BTS’s J-Hope Reveals What Kind Of Music He Wants To Make In 2020

Here are his New Year’s resolutions.

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect, reminisce, and set new goals for the future. BTS‘s J-Hope has a few resolutions in mind!


In 2018, J-Hope showed everyone what he can do solo. His first mixtape, Hope World, broke records, impressing fans and critics alike.


In 2019, J-Hope brought “Chicken Noodle Soup” into the world with Becky G. This viral sensation launched a dance challenge that took over the internet!


So, what is J-Hope planning for 2020? First and foremost, he plans to take care of his health.


Secondly, J-Hope wants to write a song that deviates from his previous work. Instead of something bold and boisterous, he wants to write a “quiet” song.


Fans can look forward to something similar to J-Hope’s outro track, “Blue Side”.


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