BTS’s “Jin Hit” Announces His New Year’s Resolution For 2020

Big Hit is shaking.

In the New Year, many people start fresh by setting new goals. BTS‘s Jin, aka the CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment”, is no exception.


“Jin Hit” was born in 2015, when Jin posted this photo of himself standing in front of the Big Hit Entertainment logo. Ever since then, ARMYs have joked that he’s secretly in charge of the company.


Five years later, Jin Hit Entertainment is still going strong! In their live broadcast for New Year’s, each member shared his goals for 2019 and whether or not he achieved them.


One of Jin’s goals was to learn the piano, but he struggled, due to his busy schedule. According to Jin, the members only get one day off a month, which makes it difficult to take lessons.


CEO Jin declared that 2020 will be different. “I’ll fight harder with the company,” he said.


Fight with the company? Here’s how the rest of BTS reacted:


They corrected him, saying that he shouldn’t say “fight” but “negotiate”!


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