BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How Long His Nose Would Be If He Were Pinocchio

J-Hope laughed after giving his answer.

For BTS‘s recent “ARMY Zip” photoshootJ-Hope chose to dress as the fairy tale character, Pinocchio.

BTS’s J-Hope

In a recent interview, J-Hope was asked a few questions related to Pinocchio, one of which was, “If you were Pinocchio, how long do you think your nose would be.” In the fairy tale, Pinocchio’s nose grows whenever he tells a lie.

| Kookie’s Cookies/YouTube

J-Hope believes that everyone has told at least one lie in their life, and he’s no exception. If J-Hope’s nose were to grow each time he lied, he believes his nose would be around 176 cm long (the same as his height)!

| Kookie’s Cookies/YouTube

After J-Hope gave his answer, he couldn’t help but laugh.

| Kookie’s Cookies/YouTube     

Here’s the full video below!