BTS’s J-Hope Once Revealed His Pre-Debut Goals, And He Has More Than Achieved Them By Now

He’s inspirational ❤️

BTS‘s success is unrivaled in the music scene. It’s best appreciated, however, when looking back on their past goals and aspirations!

The earliest time J-Hope talked about his goals was when he filmed his very first “BTS Log” on YouTube.

I’m finally recording my first log. So as this is my first log, I’m going to try to say what my goals are. Is that too cheesy?

— J-Hope

Although initially a bit shy to share his goal, he revealed that he wanted to become a better rapper. In order to improve, he resolved to ask RM and Suga, his fellow rappers in BTS, for help.

To start, my first goal is to grow my rapping skills before Bangtan debuts. I want to get help from Rap Monster and Suga hyung and become a cooler, better rapper.

— J-Hope

Little would J-Hope know that only a few years later, he’d be releasing his very own (and very successful) mixtape, Hope World!

BTS’s songs wouldn’t be the same without his signature rapping.

The second and final goal J-Hope mentioned was to improve his dance skills so much that he becomes “more like a pro.”

And my second goal is to take the dancing I’ve done up until now and dance better and more like a pro. I want to be sure to achieve these goals, and when Bangtan debuts, I want to show the public and our fans a good side of me.

— J-Hope

As fans would know, J-Hope’s dance skills were always out of this world—even before debut. Now, however, he’s even more outstanding! In fact, he’s proven time and time again that he’s in a league of his own.

Hear J-Hope talk about his goals for himself in the full video below!

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