BTS’s J-Hope Was Ready To “Throw Hands” When Jimin Confused Him For Suga

Jimin’s attempt at teasing Suga didn’t go as planned.

While the BTS members are close like family, even they have had moments where they misidentified each other.

In a recent live broadcast, there was a moment where Jimin thought that J-Hope was Suga.


During the live broadcast, the members reacted to the music video of “Life Goes On”. Jimin decided to pause the music video before it ended to give some compliments to Suga, who wasn’t present due to his recent shoulder surgery. The other members then joined Jimin and began complimenting Suga.

Jimin then looked at the paused music video and asked if Suga was the third person from the left.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Jimin commented on how “Suga” looked extremely small. However, the person Jimin was looking at was actually J-Hope!

J-Hope then jokingly threw a punch at Jimin for his mistake.

Jimin then defended himself, saying that he wanted to call J-Hope another members name since he always does it to him. Not only that, but Jimin also wanted to tease Suga for his height, as it was recently revealed that Jimin caught up to Suga’s height.

Here’s the music video for “Life Goes On” below!

Source: V LIVE