BTS’s J-Hope Is A Real Dancing Machine, Turning Hotel Rooms Into His Personal Stages

He got moves whenever, wherever.

For his “important business” in the United States with Becky G, BTS‘s J-Hope stayed in the Downtown Los Angeles Intercontinental Hotel.


Here, he filmed his version of the members’ vacation vlog series, in which J-Hope was spotted busting out power moves in his hotel suite!


While J-Hope was dressed in a simple t-shirt and lounge shorts, he managed to make the brief dance practice look as intense and satisfying as possible. ARMYs realized it is not quite what J-Hope is wearing that makes him look good…


… but rather his natural groove that exudes wherever and whenever.


Plus, J-Hope’s brief-but-beautiful hotel room dance break featured his muscular thighs of steel which the fans were able to peep…


… making this surprise vlog from Hobi a wholesome package, from casual-Hobi fun to sexy-Hobi wowza. Fans couldn’t have asked for any more perfection in a video!


Watch the whole vlog below: