BTS J-Hope recovers from stage accident so fast you probably didn’t even notice

BTS‘s J-Hope calmly handled an unexpected situation during a live performance at the Asian Artist Awards.

With BTS’s experience performing as many concerts and shows as they have, they’ve learned how to deal with almost anything that can happen on stage. BTS performed the song “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” from the album, WINGS, at this year’s Asian Artist Awards. Halfway through BTS’s performance, J-Hope’s microphone pack fell out while dancing to the intense choreography. J-Hope flawlessly handled the situation, however, and was able to place the microphone back into his pocket while still singing and doing the choreography! Had the incident not been caught by the cameras, it might have even gone unnoticed as he continued performing and appeared to be entirely unfazed. J-hope is indeed a testament to how talented and professional BTS has become since its debut.

The group went on to win multiple awards that night for Best Icon and Best Artist.

Watch J-Hope’s smooth recovery at 1:45, and check out the entire performance below!