BTS’s J-Hope Shares The Meaning Behind His New Red Microphone

He told fans why he used a different mic for Speak Yourself [The Final].

J-Hope rocks every color of the rainbow, but he looks especially good in red!


For BTS’s Speak Yourself tour, each member used a personalized microphone. RM‘s mic was blue, Jin‘s was pink, Suga‘s was black, J-Hope‘s was silver, Jimin‘s was gold, V‘s was green, and Jungkook‘s was purple.


Some changes, however, were made for the final Speak Yourself concert in Seoul. For Jin’s solo, “Epiphany”, he used the silver microphone that previously belonged to J-Hope.


Throughout the concert, J-Hope used a new, bright red mic that matched his “Just Dance” suit smashingly well.


Some fans have been wondering why he switched things up.


On Weverse, an ARMY asked J-Hope if there was any special meaning behind his color choice. Red for passion, perhaps?


It turns out that J-Hope chose red for purely aesthetic purposes. “I wanted to look pretty,” he wrote.


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