BTS’s J-Hope Shares The Story Behind His Stage Name

This is how Jung Hoseok became J-Hope.

In 2019, J-Hope‘s stage name is known far and wide, and it’s hard to imagine him going by any other moniker.


In Episode 4 of BTS‘s docu-series, Bring The Soul, “Influence”, J-Hope revealed how his name came to be. He reminisced about that fateful day, while riding in a car with Jimin.


“Me, RM, and Bang Si Hyuk were there,” he began. “When we were making names, I said I wanted “Ho” in my name, so at first it was J-Ho.”


“We kept thinking, “J-Ho? J-Ho? J-Hope?”. That’s how we came up with my name. The meanings came after that.”


“Pandora’s box was mentioned, and the last thing left in the box was hope. We were all like, “Hope.”


“Looking back, I think the name was the right choice. And I think the name made me who I am.”


J-Hope truly has lived up to his name by spreading hope and happiness wherever he goes!


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