BTS’s J-Hope Sent Staff Members Into A Panic With His “Scary” Side

J-Hope isn’t playing around when it comes to dancing!

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his bright, fun-loving personality. He’s literally considered the “sunshine” of the group.

BTS’s J-Hope

Yet, he has another side to him that many are afraid of.

J-Hope is also a perfectionist, particularly when it comes to his music and dancing. We’ve seen a glimpse of this when he’s judged others’ dancing.

This side especially came out in his documentary j-hope IN THE BOX. While J-Hope was preparing for his solo stage at Lollapalooza, staff showed him footage from his potential backup dancers’ rehearsal.

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J-Hope was not satisfied while watching. He shook his head, saying, “They’re not coming together.” He saw no chemistry between the dancers.


While J-Hope watched unhappily, the staff clearly looked nervous. One jumped to the dancers’ defense, arguing that it was due to it being just the first rehearsal. He reassured J-Hope that by the time of the performance, their chemistry would have built.


While the documentary premiered in February, the clip resurfaced on X (formerly Twitter) and garnered 1M views at the time of writing.

Even ARMYs agreed that J-Hope’s perfectionism could “scare” even them, and they understood why the staff were panicking.

We surely can understand why the members say J-Hope smiling toward them while dancing is the best feeling! Read more below.

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