BTS’s J-Hope Trolled ARMYs About His Top Secret US Plans

He referenced a joke that only ARMYs know.

J-Hope just proved, once again, that BTS knows exactly what goes on in their fandom!


On the internet, nothing is secret, but every K-Pop fandom has its own bubble where fans build a subculture. On social media, ARMYs share memes and jokes among themselves, not expecting BTS to be in on it…but they are.


Jungkook proved this by reacting to the legendary, “Euphoria” fan chant, and Suga left fans shook when he brought up the “she dropped the cheesecake” joke.


Now it’s J-Hope’s turn to throw fans for a loop! On BTS Weverse, a fan asked J-Hope what his plans are in the US, hoping he would drop a hint.


Instead, J-Hope replied like this!


“Important businesssu” was added to ARMY’s dictionary after J-Hope said it on Bon Voyage to let fans know it was not a good time to approach him for a photo/autograph/interaction/etcHe also said it in Bring The Soul: The Movie for the same reason.


The fact that J-Hope spelled “business” as “businesssu” suggests that he’s in on the joke, and ARMY’s loving it!