BTS J-Hope And V’s Beauty Tips: Here’s How To Get Better Skin

Let these experts guide you to healthier skin.

BTS‘s J-Hope and have flawless skin, but can the rest of us get it too?


On January 29, J-Hope and V went live with fans after BTS guested on The Late Late Show With James Corden. They laughed about J-Hope’s “Black Swan” stage accident, talked about James Corden, and even gave beauty tips!


Lately, J-Hope and V both find skincare to be challenging. Part of it has to do with the differences in water conditions when they travel. J-Hope said that some water irritates his skin.


Here’s what they advised fans to do to improve their own skin. Tip #1: Lower your stress levels.


Neither bad skin nor stress is good for your mental health, so why not eliminate both?


Tip #2: Hydration, and lots of it. 64% of your skin is water, so if you’re not getting enough, it’s going to show.


Tip #3: Sleep. In today’s busy world, people have a tendency to squeeze in as much time as possible, but the human body isn’t mean to be awake at all hours. Better sleep leads to better skin, higher energy levels, and other benefits.


Be careful not to sleep too much though. According to V, excessive sleep can negatively impact other parts of your body.


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