BTS’s J-Hope Will Always Hype Up RM, With This Simple But Effective Method

It’s J-Hope’s way of thanking RM.

BTS‘s J-Hope, with that indescribable positive aura permanently radiating from him, is an excellent energy source for all of his fellow teammates.


In particular though, J-Hope is often spotted hyping up RM — for being a good leader to the group — and ARMYs absolutely love J-Hope’s simple but effective way of celebrating RM’s leadership!


Whenever he gets a chance and the timing calls, J-Hope will rush all the members to applaud RM. For example, when V thanked RM for writing the lyrics of “Singularity”, J-Hope insisted the members bring their hands together for his hard work!

We must give RM a round of applause. He really outdid himself for this album!

— J-Hope


Likewise, at the after-party live broadcast at their 2018 BBMAs — after bringing home their second Top Social Artist Award — J-Hope made sure that RM felt appreciated as the group’s most reliable and trustworthy leader, by urging everyone to clap for him.

Hey guys, we need to give RM some applause. We need to bring our hands together for our leader!

— J-Hope


Even for the briefest moments, J-Hope will not miss the opportunity and ask his teammates to join him praising RM! In Bon Voyage 3, when RM took on the responsibility of ordering food for the members as the group’s sole English speaker, J-Hope made sure that both the hyungs and dongsaengs fully appreciated RM’s help!

Hey, let’s all give RM an applause. Clap for him because he knows how to speak English!

— J-Hope


Now, whenever RM does something praiseworthy, ARMYs naturally want to clap — as they can almost hear J-Hope’s voice telling them to “throw them hands up for RM”. Applauding may be the simplest form of praise, but that’s how effective it can get!

Source: YouTube