BTS Jams Out To Their Own Songs At Karaoke For 2020 FESTA And Fans Are Living For It

Let the festivities begin!

BTS just dropped the “MAP OF THE SONG: 7” video as part of 2020 FESTA and it wasn’t what fans expected at all.

While fans thought it was going to be another emotional and touching story of the boys talking about the past seven years as a group, BTS totally just said, “Ha, jokes on you.” This 35 minute video was nothing but pure chaos and wildin’ at karaoke with the members jamming out to their own songs in order to win prizes.

The first unit to enter the karaoke room was Jimin, Jungkook, and V. They sang “Winter Bear”, “Ugh” and “Outro: Ego.” These three vocalist rapping to “Ugh” was such an iconic moment for fans, as they knew that V was a huge fan of the rap line songs.

Next was RM and Jin, otherwise known as “Namjin,” and they sang “Outro: Ego”, “Seesaw” and “Euphoria.” Fans were ecstatic to see rapper Jin back in action as he spit bars with Suga‘s track.

Last but certainly not least was Suga and J-Hope singing “Friends” and “The Truth Untold.” Although they are officially the rap line, fans know just how smooth their vocals can be!

Fans were so excited about this long video that #35 MINUTES even began trending on Twitter.

To see more of their crazy shenanigans, check out the full video below. Grab a drink, it’s a long one!