BTS J-Hope’s Unveiled The Newest Addition To ARMYs’ “Jungkook-in-Hanbok” Collection

The 7th color has been revealed!

BTS‘s Jungkook, whose undying love for the modern hanbok outfits from the brand Zijangsa has well been known among the fans, was spotted celebrating his birthday in a never-seen-before yellow set!


J-Hope, who tweeted a happy birthday message on BTS’s official Twitter account, shared pictures of Jungkook looking dapper in a yellow version of his favorite outfit.

My maknae baby, I love you a lot. #HAPPYJKDAY #JungkookBirthdayCelebration #HopeFilm

— J-Hope


ARMYs are now celebrating not only Jungkook’s birthday…

Thank you for making me so happy.

— Jungkook


… but also this new discovery of the seventh addition to their “Jungkook-in-Hanbok” collection. Until now, the collection had six colors publicly revealed…


… but now ARMYs have seen seven!


Will ARMYs get to see the remaining four color variations of this hanbok set? Only time will tell. But he sure does look charming in yellow!


Happy birthday Jungkook!


Source: THEQOO