BTS’s J-Hope Once Accidentally Said Something Dirty During A Live Broadcast And The Members’ Reactions Are Priceless

“What have you been watching lately?!”

During a livestream with NAVER Starcast, the members of BTS put together bouquets of flowers. However, while reading the names of the flowers, J-Hope had an embarrassing slip of the tongue!

When referring to a flower called “Freesia,” J-Hope accidentally exclaimed, “Brassiere! Brassiere!,” another word for “bra.”

He immediately corrected himself, but the laughter, startled faces, and hilarious comments from the other members said more than enough.

Since the two words are similar, they scolded him for his pronunciation…

…as well as his dirty mind!

J-Hope apologized for his mistake…

…but the members knew better: This moment was about to go viral!

Of course, ARMYs don’t mind J-Hope’s adorable mistake. Plus, he couldn’t be any cuter when he gets flustered!