BTS’s J-Hope Once Showed His True Personality When Meeting A Muslim Fan

He surprised ARMYs!

BTS‘s J-Hope once proved why he’s known for his kindness and consideration when interacting with a Muslim fan at a fan meeting.

J-Hope | Dispatch

In 2017, BTS attended Music Bank in Singapore where fans were randomly selected to go on stage and take selfies with the members.

Before the fan even comes into view of the audience, J-Hope is seen walking to all of the members and speaking to them.

Taking note of her hijab, he advised all of the members to respect her religion by not touching her when she comes on stage to meet them. “He’s respecting the girl because she’s Muslim and in Islam you’re not allowed to touch other boys unless you’re married to them,” a fan comments.

The members excitedly greet the lucky fan…

…and take the cutest selfie together!

They wave farewell, all without ever having made contact.

The end result? A beautiful photo — and praise from Muslim fans who felt appreciated watching the wholesome interaction.

J-Hope’s observant and polite nature shows how much he truly loves and respects his fans as people!

Watch the full video of the event below.