Here’s The Song That Surprised Everyone At BTS J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” Listening Party 

The guests had a big reaction!

BTS‘s J-Hope showed off a brand new side of himself at the listening party for his debut solo album Jack in the Box. He revealed there was one song in particular that surprised the guests with it’s edgy and unique sound.

When the piano began for his song “What If…,” he immediately received praise from his guests!

With a very powerful beat, J-Hope sampled a song from Wu-Tang Clan to capture the old-school vibe that’s reminiscent of beats he used to dance to during his younger years. However, what’s even more impressive is the profound meaning behind the lyrics.

J-Hope questions whether or not he would be able to address such big topics with positive outlooks on life if it weren’t for where he is today.

Songs like “STOP (There Are No Bad People In The World)” and “= (Equal Sign)” both display how J-Hope holds positive beliefs about humanity.

However, he wonders whether he only shares these views and discusses these things because he became “J-Hope.”

Could I, as a regular human being Jung Hoseok with nothing to show, have been able to tackle these stories?

— J-Hope

He acknowledges that his name has influenced him over the years and made him even more of a positive person.

Following “Music Box: Reflection,” this song initiates the shift in the track list. The topic of his music switches from things people may know on the surface about him to his “shadows.”

I kept thinking to myself that it would be arrogant to assume I could have [discussed these topics if I didn’t become “J-Hope”], so this is the first song to deal with the other side of me in the shadows.

— J-Hope

The grand reaction of his guests prove just how cool the song is — and fans think it’s a must-listen on Jack in the Box!