J-Hope, Jimin, And Jungkook Have More In Common Than Just Being BTS’s Dance Line

Did you know 3J shares this crazy connection?

BTS‘s J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook, known collectively as “3J,” are even more similar than they thought! Not only are they all masters of dance, they recently learned they share the same unique quality — and it may be what makes their high skill level possible.

During an MBTI personality test, the members split into two groups: Those who memorize things by completely understanding the material and those who cram everything at the last minute.

Suga revealed that as much as he would love to completely understand whatever he’s learning, it simply takes too much time and he defaults to cramming at the end.

RM and Jin also admitted they were lovers of the cramming method.

However, J-Hope shared that cramming doesn’t work for him: He needs to totally understand something in order for him to really process the information.

Comparing his deep understanding to his dance skill, it all started to make sense why he dances so well…

…and it made even more sense when the three members of 3J were the ones who chose understanding over cramming!

RM joked that maybe it’s time for him to change his learning method. It wouldn’t hurt to try!

Check out the full video below!