BTS’s J-Hope Knows How To Get Exactly What He Wants From Jin

He’s so sly. 😂

BTS‘s J-Hope recently proved how crafty he is when “tricking” Jin into doing his bidding!

During a live broadcast, BTS celebrated their 2021 American Music Awards trophies with pizza and champagne.

J-Hope agreed with Jin that it was the perfect time to open the bottle and even watched eagerly as he went to get it.

To ensure he gets some champagne, J-Hope reinforced Jin’s behavior with his number one favorite thing: Flattery in the form of compliments!

Jin, I think you would look good when you open the bottle!

— J-Hope

Jin took the bait instantly and was on a mission to show off his cool method of opening the bottle.

He had his big moment…

…but J-Hope’s apathetic reaction was the funniest part!

To make the whole thing even funnier, J-Hope almost denied the champagne since he was so focused on pizza.

However, Jin made sure he would have his fair share!

J-Hope, you asked me to open the bottle. How could you not want it?!

— Jin

These two love to play jokes on each other and have the most hilarious friendship!