“It’s No Problem, Right?” Netizens Swoon For Viral Clip Showing BTS J-Hope’s True Personality

“I think he’s like that even in the military…”

BTS‘s J-Hope is full of endless charms!

Also known as “Jung Team Leader,” J-Hope is known for his assertive and strong personality. Always leading by example, he stays kind while maintaining a resolute tone when guiding the BTS members.

In a new viral post on the Korean forum theqoo, netizens can’t help but fangirl over his leadership qualities.

In a variety of behind-the-scenes clips from different tours, J-Hope can be seen going over the performance track list to his members. A hilarious moment happens when RM brings up how hard a song is — but J-Hope insists it’s no problem.

JH: (Because it’s raining) Everyone, be careful.

RM: Dionysus~

JH: It’s raining today, so everyone be careful.

RM: O-kay~!

JH: There’s no problems with “Dionysus,” right? “Not Today.” Any problems with “Not Today?”

RM: “Not Today” is hard/tiring.

JH: Right. There’s no problems with “Not Today,” right?

A similar scenario occurred years later during the “PERMISSION TO DANCE” On Stage tour when the same thing happened with Suga‘s soft plea about “Black Swan.”

JH: Now, the intro is “Black Swan.”

SG: It’s hard/tiring.

JH: That’s right. There’s no problems. Just do what we do.

Netizens flooded the comments with love for the way he leads the members and the kind yet serious tone he maintains.

  • “He’s cool but I hope he’s not my boss!”
  • “He looks like someone who doesn’t cut you any slack hahaha it doesn’t matter if [the song] is hard/tiring lol”
  • “He’s so cute, a real manly man, and dependable ㅜㅜ Jung Kindness, Jung Sunshine, Jung Team Leader!! I miss you!!”
  • “Hahaha Hoseokie who never cancels practice”
  • “Hobi I miss you!! An unwavering person ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “He’s ‘teacher who gets along with his students really well’ material lol”
  • “Hahaha he’s firm but he’s warm/kind”
  • “I think he’s like that even in the military lol Jung Team Leader-nim!”
  • “Jung Team Leader I miss youㅠ”
  • “J-Hope’s leadership is cool hehe”
| theqoo

Additionally, the funny caption 단호박 (dan ho bak, meaning “sweet pumpkin”) appears over J-Hope’s head. This is because it sounds like 단호하다 (dan ho ha da), the verb meaning “to be assertive/resolute.” Basically, it’s a slang term for a firm and determined person!

ARMYs love how J-Hope is an assertive and strong leader who always remains fair and thoughtful to his fellow members. He hears them out but does what’s best for the greater good of the team.

There’s no denying that he’s the total package!

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Source: theqoo