BTS’s J-Hope Is Getting Praised For Doing The Sweetest Thing Ever For Jungkook On His Birthday

Here’s why it was so touching.

BTS‘s J-Hope has always been known to be sweet and lovely. However, his kind and thoughtful  gesture towards Jungkook recently became the talk of town. It had been Jungkook’s birthday and while he surprised Jungkook with a cake as usual, it was the thought that went behind the cake that touched many.

According to fans, it was explained that there was nowhere that sold a whole cake so late at dawn and so J-Hope had no choice but to buy slices of cake to piece together by himself.

There’s nowhere that sells whole cake at dawn so he pieced together sliced cake. He’s so warm and friendly, I’m going crazy. Even I’m touched…

— @modern_swan_

Fans realized that it was rare for someone to be as caring as this.

Wow… Do you guys have a hyung that pieces cake together from a sliced cake shop to make a whole plate and gives it to you, because cake shops are all closed? I don’t have one but Jungkook does, Jung Hoseok hyung

— @r23mw

Here’s a closer look at the “handmade” cake!

We’d all love a hyung like him!