The Humble Members Of BTS Don’t Mind Living With Cracked Phone Screens…Except One

He has a good reason, though!

In the unfortunate circumstance where your phone comes crashing to the ground, there are two types of people: Those who can’t stand having a cracked screen and instantly get it fixed, and those who couldn’t care what it looks like as long as it still works properly!

When the BTS members picked sides in this scenario during a debate, Suga revealed he hardly ever gets a new phone…

…and that as long as it’s working, he’s content!

I haven’t changed my phone in 4 years.

— Suga

When it came time to find, every BTS member agreed that they don’t care about cracks in their screen…except for J-Hope!

Surprised that he was the only one, he admitted he hates looking at something that isn’t neat.

RM recalled that J-Hope is the biggest Instagram user. Because J-Hope spends time on his phone and doesn’t like to have his view obstructed, he would rather change it.

As expected of “neat king” J-Hope, not only does he like living in a neat and clean space, he also tries to make everything around him as neat as possible!

From Suga, who could care less about his phone’s appearance…

…to J-Hope who always wants it to look tidy, they couldn’t be any more different!