BTS J-Hope’s 2018 MMA Fancam Is Finally Here, And It’s Lit

This is why J-Hope is one of BTS’s dancing kings.

At the 2018 Melon Music AwardsBTS‘s main dancers performed an “IDOL” intro that blew everyone away, but some fans feel that J-Hope hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves.


BTS’s “IDOL” intro choreography is heavily influenced by traditional Korean dance and is perhaps one of BTS’s most ambitious intros yet. The performance began with J-Hope dancing with 14 backup dancers on a grid set, high above the stage.


It transitioned to Jimin‘s epic fan dance…


…and ended with Jungkook‘s masked troupe.


This unforgettable performance took place on December 1. Three days later, 1theK uploaded several high-quality fancams for eager ARMYs, beginning with this video of the full “IDOL” performance.


It was soon followed by fancams of V


…and two of the intro’s three performers: Jimin…


…and Jungkook.


Many assumed that the rest of the members’ fancams would soon follow, but as time passed some fans became impatient in regards to J-Hope’s fancam.


Although several members’ fancams have also not been uploaded yet, fans found the lack of J-Hope’s fancam particularly problematic, “unfair”, and even “disrespectful” since he was one of the intro’s three key dancers.


Less than 24 hours after 1theK‘s first BTS MMA fancams were uploaded, J-Hope stans kicked off several hashtags asking for J-Hope’s fancam to be released.


On December 6, ARMYs finally got their wish! 1theK uploaded J-Hope’s highly anticipated fancam, along with several The Boyz fancams from MMA.


J-Hope’s fancam may have arrived a bit late, but it was definitely worth the wait. In it, J-Hope shows the world why he deserves a top ranking spot among BTS’s dancers!


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