BTS’s J-Hope Shows ARMYs His Step-By-Step Morning Routine

Skincare, getting ready, and more!

During Season 2 of In The SOOP, BTS‘s J-Hope showed his entire morning routine process. First, like anyone, he begins by rolling over in bed and daydreams for a little!

If his face is puffy from late-night snacking, he does a quick facial massage.

While he sits on the couch and zones out, he starts taking a few selfies…

…and has a full photoshoot!

The result: The cutest polaroids ever that every ARMY wants!

Next, it’s skincare time! Due to the bright sun, applying sunscreen is a must.

Using the back of his hand as a palette, he dots the product all over his face to make sure it’s evenly applied everywhere.

He then gets to work rubbing it in…

…and things can get a little aggressive! However, it’s actually a good way to wake yourself up and stimulate blood flow.

He makes sure to rub the excess into his hands so he doesn’t waste a drop.

Next, it’s time to get dressed. He puts on a long sleeve shirt to ensure his arms are also protected from the sun.

Lastly, he brings his most important thing with him: His iced americano!

Watch J-Hope’s full morning routine below!