Take A Tour Of The Gwangju Town With BTS J-Hope’s Mural — Penguin Village

ARMYs have to visit this!

Recently, Watta TV explored the Yangnim History and Culture Village, also known as “Penguin Village” in Yangrim-dong, Gwangju — which is also the home of BTS J-Hope‘s mural!

It’s a unique and quirky looking village that’s decorated with many interesting features, including murals in Jeolla dialect.

Sponsored by J-Hope fansite Adonis, the murals of J-Hope spread across multiple walls.

The birthday project created a place to honor J-Hope in his home city of Gwangju while also providing fans with a cool experience.

They are the perfect photo-op for ARMYs!

While you’re there, you can also explore what the village has to offer — and you have to try the adorable penguin bread treat!

Watch the full tour of Penguin Village below!