Observant ARMY Spot BTS J-Hope’s Phone Lockscreen And It Shows His True Personality

He accidentally showed it during a live broadcast.

Only the most observant fans were once able to spot BTS J-Hope‘s phone lockscreen during a livestream!

During a meeting, J-Hope met with RM and V to discuss the creation of their 2020 album BE.

As the visual project manager, V asked RM and J-Hope for their assistance. Due to their creativity and artistic sides, V figured they would be a perfect fit for the job.

During the livestream, J-Hope opened the video on his phone to interact with ARMY’s comments.

When he accidentally opened his phone facing the camera, it was then that fans noticed his sentimental lockscreen.

When taking a closer look on a freeze frame, only true fans would recognize the iconic photo!

The photo is a black and white group selfie of all seven BTS members. Taken during a trip to a strawberry farm, the photo holds sentimental value and is a precious memory to all of the members!

Setting it as his lockscreen, J-Hope truly loves his members like a family!

Check out another time fans noticed J-Hope’s computer wallpaper below.

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