BTS’s J-Hope Proves That No One Loves His Members More Than He Does On Instagram

The devil works hard, but user uarmyhope works harder

BTS‘s J-Hope has made quite a name for himself on Instagram. Even though he’s been transparent about getting used to the image sharing social media platform, we think he’s got the hang of it!

ARMYs fondly refer to the “Chicken Noodle Soup” rapper by his Instagram handle “user uarmyhope” when referring to his Instagram activity—and active he has been!

He’s just nearly given millions of ARMYs heart attacks with his latest Instagram story of RM.

It’s no wonder ARMYs miss J-Hope on Instagram when he’s not as active.

ARMYs are also amazed by how J-Hope is always on his A-game when it comes to showing love and support for his members’ posts.

We like the sound of “liked by uarmyhope”!

J-Hope said OT7!!

Even fellow member Jin wondered if J-Hope lives on Instagram.

If you scroll through each of the members’ profiles on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll see a comment from user “uarmyhope” on there!

| @agustd/Instagram

agustd: my hair’s grown so much…

uarmyhope: welcome bro 🔥

| @jin/Instagram

uarmyhope: Wow……….

uarmyhope: but what’s that thing on the right above the onion??

jin: btw, is Instagram your home?

jin: you live on Instagram

| @j.m/Instagram

Cutie JJamanie🔥”

We all need a friend like J-Hope in our lives! There isn’t an Instagram post from one of his members that he hasn’t shown love to.

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