The Way This Security Guard Looks At BTS’s J-Hope Is Way Too Relatable

She totally fell in love! 😂

An iconic moment involving a security guard and BTS‘s J-Hope from their visit to New York in 2020 is going viral for being way too relatable for ARMYs everywhere!

As each BTS member passes her, she remains calm and does her job of creating a barrier between the members and the crowd of fans.

Initially, she shows no signs of being starstruck or smitten by their good looks. However, all of that soon changed!

The moment one particular handsome squirrel by the name J-Hope walked by, she totally fell for him!

Her shocked face, along with her head swivel, proves that the rumors are true: Somehow, J-Hope is even more handsome in person!

Many ARMYs commented that J-Hope exudes an even more attractive aura in real life that can’t be captured in photographs or videos. Check out some of the moments that somewhat capture his real-life visuals!



If you’re lucky enough to meet J-Hope in person, get ready to fall for him even more…

…and take in every second of his sexy visuals!