BTS J-Hope’s Family Members Are Carbon Copies Of Each Other — And It’s Seriously Adorable

The entire family is so similar!

BTS‘s J-Hope is one-of-a-kind…but also, not quite! His family members look so much like him that you might think you’re seeing double.

Not only are J-Hope and his sister Jung Jiwoo immediately recognizable as siblings due to their faces…

Jung Jiwoo | @mejiwoo103/Instagram

J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

…even the way they walk is eerily similar!


Similarly, J-Hope’s father appears to have created his clone for a son! From the shape of his forehead and jawline, he could be J-Hope’s twin.

J-Hope’s Dad | @mejiwoo103/Instagram

J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

When looking at the full picture, fans have commented how his wide shoulders and body shape are also the spitting image of J-Hope.

J-Hope’s Dad and his sister, Jung Jiwoo | @mejiwoo103/Instagram

As for his mother, J-Hope certainly inherited her kind heart and stunning smile!

Hilariously enough, J-Hope even shares some similarities with his adorable dog, Mickey!

J-Hope’s beautiful family is just as precious as he is!