BTS’s J-Hope Sent Suga A Coffee During The Filming Of “Daechwita” And It Proves Just How Strong “SOPE” Is

J-Hope sent some love to his “SOPE” hyung!

BTS‘s J-Hope sent some love to his SOPE hyung on the set of “Daechwita”.

Suga just made his comeback as Agust D on May 22 with the release of D-2, his first mixtape since 2016, as well as a new music video for “Daechwita” which blended hip-hop with traditional Korean culture.

While everyone is still taking in the epic scenes, story, and music of “Daechwita”, Agust D hasn’t let fans rest one minute since it dropped! He revealed what has changed since his 2016 mixtape, explained the difference between “Suga” and “Agust D”, and dropped plenty of details about composing “Daechwita”.

He, however, isn’t the only one who has been keeping everyone on their toes. J-Hope has been too! Actor An Jae Hyuk, who took part in the MV, recently posted a series of photos from the filming site showcasing the coffee truck and some snacks that J-Hope had sent.

Image: @anjaehyuk_/Instagram

Along with the truck, J-Hope prepared a few sweet banners for his hyung that read, “Came to cheer on our hyung. Min Suga jjang jjang (the best) man!! — SOPE maknae Hope” and “Coffee truck!!! Coffee truck!!! Eat it all!! Coffee truck!!

Image: @anjaehyuk_/Instagram

Seeing J-Hope’s sweet show of support has been making everyone feel super soft and then some!

From soft to hard-hitting, if you haven’t checked out the epicness that is “Daechwita” yet you should get on that stat!

Source: @anjaehyuk_


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