BTS’s Jimin Was Only 21 Years Old When He Pulled Off This Artistically Flawless Performance

Happy 5th anniversary to “Lie”!

BTS‘s Jimin recently celebrated his 5th anniversary for “Lie”, his first-ever solo song! The song was a smash hit, with his angelic vocals and soulful performance. Looking back, fans were amazed that he was a mere 21 years old when he first performed the song.

The result was an absolute masterpiece.

He looked angelic.

The artistic performance included a blindfolded Jimin.

How could he express so much emotion through a single dance and song?

Let’s take some time to admire the masterpiece.

Jimin also truthfully shared his thoughts behind the performance, a few years later. He had merely thought that it was a hard piece, one that could even undo him, but ultimately, he came to appreciate the piece for providing him the opportunity to express many emotions on stage.

Take a look at the glorious performance below.

Source: theqoo