BTS’s Jimin Once Got “Angry” But Ended Up Looking Like A Fluff Ball Anyway

How can you not love him?

BTS‘s Jimin once shared a story about how his younger sibling had once made him extremely angry. As he related the tale from his childhood, he attempted to enact just how mad he was at the situation.

RM had asked him when in his childhood had he felt the most upset at being treated unfairly.

My younger brother made me so angry so I hit him, but he pretended nothing happened in front of our mom. So I got scolded by my mom instead. I was so so angry. So angry!

— Jimin

Fans couldn’t help but squeal at how cute he looked despite being angry.

He even makes cute sounds when angry!

Where did it go? Aiiish I’m so angry.

— Jimin

Well, when you’re as cute as that, it must be hard getting people to listen to you even when you’re angry!

Source: theqoo